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Our black & white building was built by Samsui women back in the 1950s and was used as a housing quarter for high-ranking British Officers of the British Royal Air Force before the outbreak of World War II. The longhouse design with verandahs, balconies and vents were purposefully built with the intention of encouraging better airflow, to make the stay of the British Officers more comfortable in our blazing tropical heat. Our building in particular located at 2 Park Lane, was used to house the Officer Commanding Flying Wing. The name Park Lane was a homage to exclusive areas in London, to help the British airmen feel more at home.

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Fire - it can either destroy or create something beautiful. Cinder is more than just an ordinary steakhouse- it signifies a rebirth, like a coal re-igniting from a single spark. 

Situated away from all the noise of city life, we decided to breathe new life into this colonial building brimming with rich history - with amazing steaks, hearty dishes, and an encyclopedic wine selection with just over 200 labels. For friends or family, we love to encourage communal dining; as we believe the best relationships are forged over the dinner table.


 Breathing new life into the space, without compromising or destroying the original architectural elegance of the building was our way of respecting the space. The contemporarily designed interiors, high ceilings, and eclectic decor inject a modern touch into the environment while retaining the beautiful architecture and ideas the people of the past have left behind for us to admire, and hopefully for many more years to come.

Today, CINDER Steakhouse is a proud extension of our brother brand - Wheeler's Estate, located right in the same premise.

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